Why is our Magnetic Car Phone Holder the dream phone holder for you?

Wouldn’t you like to pick up a call while driving without using your Bluetooth or wired headset? Are you tempted? This might seem like a very irresponsible suggestion to make considering the number of accidents every year because of irresponsible driving. However, what if I tell you that we have a way to avoid all the drawbacks of this and present you with just the advantages. We present to you our magnetic car phone holder!!! That sounds like such a let-down, right, considering there are already such products available in the market, evidenced by the innumerable Uber drivers in the world.

But, these car holders are so bulky and not stylish at all. Of course, it does not need to be, but who wouldn’t like something to look good while serving the same function or more.

Here are Some of The Cons of The Products Available at The Moment:

  1. There are many different car phone holders available today, from rearview mirror holders to steering wheel holders, CD slot phone holders, headrest holders, and even a cigarette lighter car mount. All these products rely on either a clamp or suction cup or a type of adhesive. The similarity among them is they are slightly bulky. They either clamp all around your phone, or the top and bottom or the sides.
  2. The phone holders with adhesives presently available do not have a clamp but have a very short product life cycle before it begins to lose its adhesiveness.
  3. One of the most exciting car accessories, the magnetic car phone holder, has a distinct advantage over the present hone holders—its ease of use—while still possessing the advantages of all other types of phone holders.
  4. This phone holder comes with a rectangular- and circle-shaped magnetic plate which can be placed onto the back of your phone. The magnet helps stick to the magnetic holder strip.
  5. The present smartphones cannot be damaged with a magnetic phone holder because the current phones use modern chips made of non-magnetic materials and storage chips that are a kind of flash memory. So overall, there are no signal or phone reception issues, and since smartphones use electricity to respond to interactions on the screen, it is not affected by a magnetic field. Furthermore, with this product, the magnetic force will have no effect on your phone’s body, thanks to a 0.4mm-thick silica gel layer between the actual interior magnet and whatever it is attached to.
  6. The design of the magnetic strip on this holder allows it to be placed anywhere on your car—from the dashboard to anywhere on the front compartment. With its ultra-slim build and size, this magnetic car phone holder also won’t obstruct any driver’s view when in use like traditional suction cup holders on the windshield do. Additionally, you don’t have any inconvenience removing it from the clamp like clamp holders.
  7. This phone holder’s magnetic hold stays undisturbed despite every bump and jerk, no matter what terrain you drive through.
  8. The phone holder is suitable for any phone—despite the make and model.
  9. Lastly, this holder doesn’t necessarily need to be used in your car. It can even be used beside your bed to hold your phone if you feel too lazy to place it anywhere else.

At Hot Wheels Mart, we pride ourselves on being adventurous, creative, and open-minded. We are focused on keeping long-term relationships with our customers and ensuring they are content with our products. We seek to keep things fresh and provide our clients with products they might not even realize they need. Our goal is to inspire happiness and positivity, and we promise that our Magnetic car phone holder will do precisely that.

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