What Are The Different Types Of Scratches And How You Can Fix Them?

Let us admit it; paint scratches are painful. For average commuters, paint scratches are impossible to avoid. It hurts badly when your car gets a new scratch from a sudden knockout. A scratch on a vehicle is not just annoying, but it could potentially expose the paint to the elements, reducing the resale value of your vehicle.

Luckily, if you know how to take care of paint scratches, they will not damage your car in the long run. Car scratches can be of different types, and how you consider fixing each type varies depending on the depth of the scratch.

The factory finish on a new vehicle includes several different layers; usually, a primer is sprayed over the bare metal, followed by one or more applications of an enamel base coat, and a final, clear coat of application to ensure protection and shine.

Deep scratches

Deep scratches extend down into the primer layer and the bare metal of a car. If it is the case, car scratch repair Australia involves cleaning and filling the scratch, applying a fresh layer of enamel paint & clear coat, followed by buffing. Also, be sure to use a light hand and do not polish too hard, as this could damage the clear coat.

Marks & minor scratches 

Marks & minor scratches tend to affect the surface only and clear coat level of a vehicle’s paint job. Since they do not penetrate too deep, these are the simplest types of scratches that are easy to fix.

Marks are paint smudges on the surface of your vehicle’s paint job when an object scrapes your finish but does not penetrate the clear coat.

Minor scratches tend to affect the transparent coat layer of a vehicle’s finish. These are the easiest types of scratches to repair. They can be rubbed or polished out without requiring to be repainted. If you do not see any metal underneath the scratch, it is probably a clear coat scratch.

Paint Scratches

Basecoat scratches, paint scratches extend down into the enamel colour layer of a vehicle’s finish. Repairing them usually requires rubbing the scratch with fine-grit sandpaper and an abrasive compound before reapplying a clear coat using an aerosol spray. There are car scratch repair kits that contain all the products necessary to repair paint scratches—be sure to follow the instructions. Here are the basic steps to fixing one of these types of scratches:

  1. Wash and thoroughly dry your car
  2. Use a small amount of scratch remover on a foam applicator pad
  3. Rub the scratch remover into the scratched area, slowly working it into the scratches
  4. Polish the area with a paste to restore your vehicle’s shine
  5. Once finished, buff the area with a clean terry cloth or microfiber cloth

Remember, these instructions can vary depending on the kit you purchase. Be sure to buy the highest quality scratch repair kit you can afford or consult employees of an auto parts store for the best option.

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