Various Types Of Car Scratches Every Car Owners Must Know

Deep car scratches are impossible to hide and usually require bodywork repair, followed by a layer of fresh paint and a clear coat. 

For average commuters, paint scratches are pretty much impossible to avoid. Whether it is a careless driver dinging your door or swirl marks from your kid’s “WASH ME” message on your rear hatch, scratches remain a constant concern. 

The information below will identify the types of paint scratches and a few approaches that will fix them. So if you are considering car scratch repair in Australia, be familiar with the scratches that may affect your vehicle.

Identifying Car Paint Scratches

While the type of car paint scratch will vary greatly depending on the degree of damage, there tends to be one consistent theme in all car scratches, i.e., its source.

Any time the exterior of a car is scratched, it is done so by a material harder than the area it is marring. So while size and shape impact the level of repair required, the scratch’s depth determines the fix.

For instance, if you have a scratch on a headlight cover, chances are it did not require much force to get there. 

To find out which option will best work for the scratch at hand, we have rounded up the most common types of paint scratches. While all of the scratches listed below are easy to fix, you will find that the required level of restoration will vary depending on the severity of the scratch.

Clearcoat Scratch

The clear coat surface scratch is the most common and easily correctable automotive exterior. Not to get confused with paint spider webbing, clear coat hairline blemishes do not take much to form. It is commonly caused by poor car washing practices & diminutive drying materials.

Paint embedded

If a scratch infiltrates the clear coat, it more than likely has also been embedded into the paint. These scratches often happen when something like another car bumper, heaven forbid, guard rail.

Primer Deep

It becomes challenging to repair when the scratch goes past the paint, at least from a DIY perspective. Even if you may not see the paint-filled scratch in the first place, chances are you will be able to feel it. Therefore, spend a fair deal of time on the fix.

While it is possible to fix these scratches by yourself, familiarity with automotive bodywork is essential in getting this scratch to blend seamlessly with its non-scratched surroundings. 

Bare Metal

If you see the bare metal beneath the clear coated paint and primer, it is time to visit a body repair shop. When a car’s metal is exposed to the elements, corrosion & oxidation begin to form. It only worsens when precipitation joins the party. 

Repairing Deep Scratches

When the scratch is more profound than the clear coat, your DIY repair options are significantly reduced. This means removing all of the clear coat around the scratch and any surrounding paint in most cases.

If you determine that the scratch is more profound than the clear coat, it is best to hand the task over to a professional. 

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