The Latest Developments In Car Accessories That Will Blow Your Mind

With the advancements happening in technology on a day-to-day basis, along with the growth of numerous innovators coming out with new gadgets and inventions that have populated the various shopping sites, there is no lack of car accessories online, regardless of the type of accessory you are in need of. Be it to hold your mobile, find your car keys, or even to add Bluetooth to your car audio system.

There are so many kinds of car accessories available in the market today. With the advancing technology, more gadgets are coming out every day. Let us discuss a few of these gadgets:

Find Your Car Keys with Tile Mate:

Do you often lose your car keys. Well, you are not alone in that regard because so do I, and many more people. This cool gadget can be attached like a key chain with your car keys. You can now ring it up from your phone or consult the associated app to see the last seen location. You can also press the button on the Tile Mate itself, and it will ring your phone, thus useful for those of us who are used to misplacing our mobile phones too.

Bluetooth Receiver:

This delightful device can add a Bluetooth function to your car’s audio system. This device allows you to simply stream music from your smartphone to any device with an AUX input. Simply connect it to your audio system and a USB power source and pair it with your smartphone. For example, connect to firefly with your mobile phone. This device has auto-reconnect abilities as well, thus connecting to your phone when you are close by.

Car Jump Starter:

This device can be a lifesaver when you are in a tough situation, and there is no auto shop nearby. If your car has trouble starting, instead of waiting around for the tow truck system, you can simply use this device to jump-start your vehicle a certain number of times on a single charge, with heavy-duty cables and clamps built-in. It also possesses the capabilities to charge your smartphones, tablets, wireless headphones, portable gaming systems, and cameras.

Magnetic Car Phone Holders:

Although these are not really new technology, there are numerous innovative variations of the magnetic car phone holder coming out in the market every day.

Car Spot Remover:

This is an absolute necessity for you if you have kids and have had to endure the torment of thins pilling on your new seats. This product is spread by means of spray cans. Stains become extremely easy to remove once they are sprayed on.

Car Hooks:

Again, these are not really new, but there are new ones that are released every year with slight modifications of sleekness and design. This comes as a tremendous convenience to allow for your bags and their contents to be fixed at a certain place and to be dumped unceremonious place near your feet or on the seats.

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