The Latest Designs In Magnetic Car Phone Holders

Car accessories have taken the market by storm with new and interesting variations of standard accessories peppered with several new additions. Even something as simple as a car phone holder can be customized in a multitude of ways to provide new and innovative solutions that have a perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality. Magnetic car phone holders are one of these variations, and they, in turn, have their own sub-variations and customizations. They come in various alignments and positioning to serve different people’s preferences, and they come in various constructions and processes that modify their process functionality, even though the desired end function is the same.

Having your phone placed on your dashboard or in front to help you navigate or play music is precarious at best, and it has been a frustration for years. It has even led to several car-related accidents when people pick up their fallen phones or speak to someone while driving. This is why car holders have made such a big difference and are so widely popular. Some reasons are:

  1. Allow you to navigate with ease
  2. Answer calls
  3. Play music
  4. Respond to mails
  5. Send messages and updates

Magnetic car phone holders offer a unique advantage over other variations of car phone holders with regards to their minimal space utilization paired with a sturdy grip. In addition, these car phone holders maintain a firm grip on your phone even when the emergency brake is applied. Since their introduction, magnetic car holders have undergone constant refinement and improvement. As a result, the models available now are more compact, have a sturdier grip, and are aesthetically pleasing than the models available a few years back. Let us discuss a few of these models:

Magnetic Adhesive Strip (Circular and Rectangular):

These magnetic car holders are basically strips with a magnetic strip on one end and an adhesive side on the opposite side. It can be stuck to either the dashboard or beside the steering wheel. The pros are it is compact and flexible. On the other hand, the cons are that the adhesive can wear away over time, even though these adhesives are far superior to those used in previous car holder models.

Claw Grip, Circular Magnetic Car Phone Holder:

These car phone holders have a claw grip to attach to the air vent. Its circular holder has a magnetic layer that grips to the surface of your phone, even though the back cover.

Metal plates:

These holders are basically magnetic on either end to be attached to the dashboard.

360°-degree Rotation Standing Magnetic Phone Car Holder:

These car phone holders are magnetic at the base to be locked down to the surface. the top magnetic portion is responsible for holding your phone.

  • Horizontal Flat Strip-Shaped Plate Magnetic Mobile Holder for Cars:

These phone holders have a silica-cased magnetic gripping technology that isolates the grip on the phone while simultaneously maintaining a sturdy grip.

At Hot Wheels Mart, we aim to provide innovative products in all our collections. Our car accessories utilize the latest advancements in technology and design to offer you products that you may not even know you needed. In addition, our prices are uniquely tailored to provide you with a blend of affordability with quality, and functionality. This guarantees that you will always walk away with a satisfying purchase.

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