4 Important Things to Follow While Buying Magnetic Car Phone Holder

Even though it is a good practice to pull over when calling or texting someone, most people do not do this and use their mobile phones while driving. Therefore, to eliminate risky situations, you can go for the magnetic car phone holder that lets you use the phone hands-free when driving the vehicle. Choosing the right phone holder for the car can be difficult as many options are available in the market. However, if you follow the below tips, it will help you to pick the best one as per your needs.

Should Be Universal

The best car phone holder is the one that fits all phone models. Whether you are using an Apple phone, Samsung, or any other model of phone, the holder should be able to hold that device in the car. Most of the phone holders that you get online have the adhesive magnet plate that works fine with the phone cases too, and those having the thick phone cover or case, should need to be removed to make it fit on the holder. If the cover is thick, it will interfere with the magnet plate. Instead, buy the car phone holder designed to hold around 930g or 33oz weight.

Holder Can Be Placed Anywhere

You should look for a holder that can be placed anywhere inside the vehicle. Do not go for the holders that are limited to the air vent only. For example, the latest magnetic car holder model has a stick-and-hold design that allows it to create a magnetic place for the device anywhere inside the vehicle, from the dashboard to the front compartment. Having a sleek design, build, and size, these phone holders will not interfere with the driver’s view as the traditional suction car holders.

Should Provide a Strong Hold or Grip

Do not worry that the phone might fall from the holder during bumps and jerks. It is not possible in the case of magnetic car phone holders. Now, your phone will not slide or fall from the holder. The strong magnetic field of the holder will hold the device and will resist falling and breaking. With the use of these car phone holders, you can drive without stressing too much.

Should Have an Uninterrupted Signal

As you are using the magnetic holder, ensure that you have an uninterrupted signal that will hold the phone strongly for long, even during jerking. As most of the magnetic stand has a close magnetic field between the phone and its surface, there are no signal or reception issues. The magnetic effect will also not be having any adverse effect on the device’s body.

Apart from these, make sure that the holder you are buying is highly durable and affordable in price. Do not forget to check out the customer reviews before you place the orders of the holders. At Hot Wheels Mart, you will get the best quality magnetic car phone holder that is universal and best in quality among all the varieties.

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